Live/work Communities in Chicago

 Below is a list of some live/work communities in the Chicagoland area.

Art Space has a few in Chicagoland, these are all rental buildings


The Switching Station Lofts in Chicago


Art Space has two new developments in





There are some new proposed developments in the city as well:


Bronzeville Artist’s Lofts:


The Rebuild foundation is looking to redevelope the Dante Harper Housing Projects as Artist Live/Work space.


The Community Builders are looking to redevelope a few parcels near Washington Park as Artist Live Work Space, though this is in the early stages of development.


Finally the Bridgeport Arts Center is hoping to have some live/work option in the future as well:



Here are a few buildings I know of that have live/work condos for purchase or possibly rental.  I know there are others but these are communities I am aware of.


2418 W. Bloomingdale

411 Sangamon

2120 W. Grand


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